Publication of the family chronicles to mark the 80th anniversary of the company – Our family-owned company, Arthur Krüger, has been operating on the market for 80 years. This is the perfect opportunity for me, as the great-granddaughter of the founder and pioneer Arthur Krüger, to publish our chronicles entitled “ARTHUR KRÜGER – A chronicle of a family company”.
You can request a copy of these chronicles directly. If you would like one, please e-mail me at: chronik@arthur-krueger.de

Carola Keller


Founding of Krüger Aviation GmbH at Hanskampring 5 in Barsbüttel, with Managing Directors Nils Krüger and Nils Stoll.


We mourn our managing partner and the head of our company for many years, Jürgen Krüger, who died in 2015.


Arthur Krüger KG is renamed Arthur Krüger GmbH.


To mark the company’s 70th anniversary, leadership of the company is transferred from Jürgen Krüger to his children Carola Keller and Nils Krüger – the fourth generation of the family.


Construction of the logistics centre at Hanskampring 5 in Barsbüttel


Werner and his son Jürgen Krüger found Kunststoff Krüger GmbH, marking the company’s first foray into deep drawing.


Jürgen Krüger sets up the Jürgen Krüger plastics factory, a new production facility in Barsbüttel. The facility especially focuses on the production of vacuum deep-drawn parts. The family-owned company settles in its entirety in Barsbüttel. With the company’s plans for expansion, the site in Wandsbek becomes too small.


Jürgen Krüger starts work at AK. The company is changed into a limited commercial partnership.


Werner Krüger buys a plot of land on Zollstrasse in Wandsbek in order to expand the company’s machining services such as cutting, punching, turning and bending.


Werner returns with his family to Hamburg and rents office and residential space on Spaldingstrasse.


Hamburg is destroyed in the bombing raids of the Second World War. Initially, the family considers moving to East Prussia, but then finds a much more central location in Erfurt. Until the end of the war, Werner Krüger continues the business in Erfurt until this city is also destroyed by bombs.


The vulcanised fibre depot becomes ARTHUR KRÜGER oHG.


Arthur Krüger founds the vulcanised fibre depot in Hamburg. He runs a wholesale business with vulcanised fibre, hard rubber, Bakelite and similar materials. With entrepreneurial vision, he was already focusing on materials that were new and largely unknown.