We support One Earth – One Ocean’s project to build its plastic waste collection ships

With “Maritime Waste Removal”, One Earth – One Ocean e.V. has launched a comprehensive and practical concept for collecting and sustainably recycling ocean rubbish. The concept involves collecting plastic in coastal areas and estuaries, sorting it into various categories and processing it on board special waste-collecting ships. In addition to plastic beads, the plastic waste will also be used to produce energy and fuel (source: One Earth – One Ocean e.V.)


We would be happy to keep you updated on the latest environmental topics, focusing particularly on plastic, with our
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Our climate protection principles are:

Materials and finishing

  • We use materials efficiently and check that the plastics we use are environmentally compatible.
  • Plastics reduce weight in energy-efficient applications and therefore contribute towards cutting CO2.
  • Our processing and finishing processes are not harmful to health when used correctly.

Saving energy & sparing resources

  • We are using more and more machinery and equipment, as well as heaters and lights, with low energy consumption and we are careful to ensure the best possible use of heat, exhaust air and light.
  • Some of our power comes from renewable energies.
  • We use operating materials, water and fuels as sparingly as possible.
  • When it comes to office materials, paper and packaging, we ensure an economical approach.


Waste avoid, recycle, dispose!

  • First and foremost, we avoid waste wherever we can.
  • Any waste that is disposed of is disposed of properly.
  • 90 % of the waste from production is sent for recycling.

Promoting environmental awareness

  • We promote awareness within our company about climate protection, and all employees and partners are encouraged to make suggestions for improvements.