The right semi-finished product for your application

Sheets, pipes, rods


Polycarbonate (PC) features a very high impact and break resistance, is very light and has an optimum translucence. This material is also available in weather-proof and UV-stabalized qualities. In addition, it also has very good flammability classification. PC has increasingly shown itself to be the perfect material for a wide range of applications. Ideal for housings or covers in mechanical and systems engineering or as an alternative for glazing and roofing.


  • Temperature resistance -60 °C to +115 °C
  • High mechanical rigidity
  • Good creep resistance
  • High impact strength, even at low temperatures
  • Rigidity maintained in a wide range of temperatures
  • Very high dimensional stability (thanks to very hygroscopic properties and low thermal longitudinal expansion figure)
  • Good electric insulation properties and positive dielectric behavior
  • Good machinability (short chips)
  • Harmless in physiological terms (suitable for contact with food)


  • Precision engineering
  • Electrical/electronics industry
  • Medical and pharmaceuticals industry


  • Precision parts for light engineering
  • Insulated parts in electrical technology
  • Safety glazing
  • Components for medical and pharmaceutical devices
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