The right semi-finished product for your application

Sheets, pipes, rods

HGW (fabric-base plastics) - Phenol, Epoxyd

The main area of application for laminated materials such as synthetic resin bonded paper is electronics industry, with uses in the area of energy generation, energy distribution and drive technology. The products in this material group are based on a compound consisting of paper, cotton or glass fiber, combined with synthetic resins. Modern production methods also allow precision parts to be produced.


  • Very good mechanical properties
  • Good electrical properties
  • Easy to cut
  • Good resistance to oil and gasoline


  • Mechanical engineering
  • Apparatus engineering
  • Ship building
  • Telecommunications


    • Construction parts in mechanical engineering
    • Feeders
    • Blades
    • Mounting plates
    • Gear wheels, rollers
    • Rudder bearings
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