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Krüger blue® for food industry

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Krüger blue® – blue plastics for the food industry

  • food safe
  • blue
  • available

The plastics of the KRÜGER blue® family meet the needs for machine parts for the food industry. In addition to standard materials, we also offer metal detectable specials to make your process even safer. Detectors in the plants detect possible contamination of the food products due to breakage or wear of the parts.

Advantages of blue plastics:

  • improved visibility of fragments in food products
  • high level of color accuracy of the KRÜGER blue® plastics allows visual reproducibility of machine design

The plastics of the Krüger blue® family meet the requirements of food processing industry:

  • Regulation EC 1935/2004 (10/2011)
  • US FDA compliance
  • REACH compliance



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