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PEEK (Polyetheretherketone) - KETRON® PEEK

Ketron® PEEK high-performance plastic features a combination of excellent mechanical properties ang high temperature resistance, as well as very good chemical resistance.
Applications range from the chemicals industry trough medical technology and electrical/electronic engineering to aviation.


  • Very high upper temperature limit for use in air (+250 °C continuously or short peaks of +310 °C)
  • High mechanical strenght, rigidity and creep resistance even at high temperatures
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals and hydrolysis
  • Excellent resistance to wear and good sliding properties (particularly KETRON® PEEK-HPV and PEEK-CA30)
  • Very high dimensional stability
  • Inherent flame resistance and very low smoke development in the event of a fire
  • Good electrical insulation properties and positive dielectric behavior (does not apply to  KETRON® PEEK-HPV and PEEK 30% carbon)
  • Excellent resistance to energy-rich radiation (gamma and X rays)


  • High-temperature sector
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Medical technology
  • Aviation
  • Electrical engineering
  • Chemical industry


  • Bearings
  • Gear wheels
  • Scrapers
  • Wear parts
  • Insulators
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