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Sheets, pipes, rods


Celazole® PBI is a top-class product among high-performance plastics. With its very high temperature resistance and best results in retaining mechanical properties and suitability for a wide temperature range, this material is used in high-temperature areas like the semi-conductor and nuclear industries and in aviation and aerospace.


  • Extremely high upper temperature limit for use in air (continuous +310 °C and short term up to +500 °C)
  • Excellent retention of mechanical strength, rigidity and creep resistance over a wide range of temperatures
  • Extremely low thermal linear expansion value up to +250 °C
  • Excellent resistance to friction and wear
  • Inherently flame-resistant
  • Good electric insulation properties and positive dielectric behavior
  • Low outgassing in vauum (dry material)
  • High level of ionic cleanliness
  • Extremely resistant to energy-rich radiation (gamma and X rays)


  • High-tech areas such as semi-conductors
  • Nuclear industry
  • Aviation and aerospace industry


  • Contact parts in light bulbs
  • Electric connector terminals
  • Sliding bearing in aerospace applications
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