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We have been supplying thermoformed parts for aviation, automotive, mechanical and systems engineering, as well as medical technology and electronic engineering for over 40 years. Our work begins with the development and design of prototypes; it ends with the finished mass-produced product. We work with you to develop the application every step of the way - from concept to the final product.

What is Thermoforming?

Thermoforming is also known as deep-drawing or vacuum forming.
It is often used in the manufacture of mass-produced products for the packaging industry or in the production of large cladding parts, hoods, fenders, etc. During thermoforming a panel or sheet of thermoplastic semi-finished material is heated on both sides until the material becomes malleable. Then the warmed panel is pressed against the contours of a mold using vacuum or pressure force. After cooling, the pre-cast part is demolded. In principle it is possible to process all thermoplastics using the thermoforming method.

The benefits of Thermoforming:

  • Very cost-efficient
  • Fast delivery times for tools, samples and small batches
  • Large parts: Mold surfaces up to 2,200 x 3,300 mm possible
  • Top-quality surfaces! Any required surface can be produced
  • Low tool costs
  • Thin walls possible even for large parts, thus providing optimum weight reduction
  • Series quality can be produced within the prototyping phase and can start immediately after release
  • Wide range of color variations


  • Mechanical and systems engineering
  • Aviation
  • Automobile engineering


  • Cladding components
  • work piece carrier
  • Hoods
  • Glazing
  • Protective handles
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