Pre-cast parts and assemblies

Benefit from our expertise in the latest processing technology


Complex geometries, precision, narrow tolerances and small batches - we can offer you machined pre-fabricated parts of the highest quality.
The most economical way to meet this wide range of requirements in production is chipping. We select the best possible solution for your application from a wide range of plastic semi-finished products and a modern fleet of machines.

Precision in plastic

  • Turning
  • Conventional up to Ø 2.000 mm and 1.500 mm length
  • CNC up to Ø 1.000 mm; CNC up to 400 mm with driven tools
  • Automatic lathe up to Ø 80 mm spindle passage


  • Conventional 900 x 300 mm
  • CNC machines up to 2.000 x 3.000 mm with disk changer and up to 21 tools
  • CNC in legths up to 6.000 mm in an S clamp


  • Cylindrical grinding between tips: tip length 300 mm / tip height 100 mm
  • Grinding cylindrical rods up to Ø 60 mm in 2.000 mm lengths


  •  up to Ø 1.800 mm


  • Mechanical and systems engineering
  • Aviation
  • Medical technology
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