Carola Keller and Nils Krüger, board of directors

We are committed to a caring and economically responsible approach to society and the environment.

Material and finishing

  • We use materials efficiently and examine the plastics used for their environmental compatibility.
  • Plastics reduce weight in energy-efficient applications and thereby contribute to CO² reduction.
  • Our processing and finishing processes pose no ham to health if used correctly.

Energy saving and the sparing use of resources

  • We use more and more low-consumption machines and devices, as well as heating and lighting systems, and make sure to make the most efficient use of heat, exhaust air and light. Some of our power is generated from renewable energies.
  • We use resources and water, as well as fuels, as efficiently as possible.
  • We make sure that office supplies, paper and packaging is used economically.

Waste > Avoidance, reuse, disposal!

  • Our first aim to avoid waste. Waste is segregated appropriately.
  • 90% of production waste goes for recycling.

Promoting environmental awareness

  • We promote an awareness of climate protection within the company and all employees are encouraged to bring forward suggestions for improvements.
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