80 years of tradition and innovation

Semi-finished products, precast parts, GRP system engineering



Arthur Krüger established Vulkanfiber-Zentrale in Hamburg. He operated as a wholesaler for vulcanized fibers, vulcanite, Bakelit and similar materials. Displaying great entrepreneurial foresight, he focused on materials that were new and largely unknown at the time.



At the age of 18, Werner Krüger started as an apprentice clerk at export business Sauerland & Hartgens.
At the beginning of the 1930s, Arthur Krüger expands the business, adding processing to the trading operations.



Vulkanfiber-Zentrale became ARTHUR KRÜGER oHG.



Hamburg was destroyed during the bombing of Second World War. The family initially considered moving to eastern Prussia before finding a much more central location in Erfurt until the end of the war, when this city was also destroyed by bombs.



Werner and his family moved back to Hamburg and rented offices and accommodation in Spaldingstrasse.



Werner Krüger purchased a site in Zollstrasse in Wandsbek in order to expand mechanical processing services, such as cutting, pressing, turning and bending. His sisters Alice and Eva helped out with the bookkeeping and at exhibitions in Hannover and Düsseldorf.



Jürgen Krüger started work at ARTHUR KRÜGER. The company became a limited partnership.



Jürgen Krüger founded Kunststoffwerk Jürgen Krüger, a new production facility in Barsbüttel. The particular focus here was on vacuum deep drawing. The entire family-run business moved to Barsbüttel. The Wandsbek site had become too small for the planned expansion of the company.



Jürgen Krüger joined ARTHUR KRÜGER KG as a general partner. Under his leadership the company established itself in the regional market as a successful medium-sized family-run enterprise.



Werner and his son Jürgen Krüger founded Kunststoff Krüger GmbH. This marked the birth of deep-drawing for the company.



A shareholding was acquired in PAUL FLÜGER GmbH (CNC Turning and Milling Shop).



New building constructed in Barsbüttel for the production of deep-drawing parts and for processing Plexiglas.



Kunststoff-Technik GmbH founded in Dresden.



A logistics center was built at Hans-Kamp-Ring 5 in Barsbüttel.



Takeover of PAUL FLÜGER GmbH.



On the company's 70th anniversary, management duties were handed over to the fourth generation, Carola Keller and Nils Krüger.



ARTHUR KRÜGER KG changed its name to ARTHUR KRÜGER GmbH.
Michael Paterka und Michael Klein joined the ARTHUR KRÜGER management team.



In September ARTHUR KRÜGER celebrated its 75th anniversary.

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