Do you need plates, rods or tubes made from plastic for applications involving contact with food? We have them! We supply the food processing and packaging industry with food-grade-certified semi-finished plastic products and offer excellent availability as well as a fast cut-to-size service. Talk to us today!

The products in our food-grade range satisfy the specific requirements of food technology:

EU Directive 1935/2004 (10/2011)

US FDA compliance

Complete REACH compliance

Every food-grade product is accompanied at shipment by a Certificate of Conformity (COC) and a Declaration of Compliance (DOC).

In order to service the demands of the food industry even more efficiently, we have developed our KRÜGER blue® family for you. With blue plastics, you can increase safety in your systems! How? Read more here:

The blue plastics from the Krüger blue® family cover the entire spectrum of demands for machine parts used in the food industry. Do you need high-quality plastics and rapid availability? – Give us a call!

Advantages of blue plastics:

In addition to standard materials such as PE, POM, PET-P, PEEK and PUR, there are also special versions that can be detected using metal detectors to make your process even safer. Detectors in the systems pick up potential contamination in food resulting from component breakage or wear.

What’s more, we can also do ready-made parts: whether it be for machining or thermal moulding processes, our products are designed according to your drawings and deliver the very best quality!

Selection of our semi-finished plastics for food-grade applications

Form of delivery
BrandsDIN designationPlatesRound barsReedsRollsTemperature
resistance [°C]
() = short term
FeaturesOutdoor useFoodgrade
KRÜGER blue®
POMxxx-50 to 110 (140)

● high mechanical Strength, stiffness, hardness
● very high resilience
● good creep resistance
● high impact strength, even at low temperatures
● very high dimensional stability
● good sliding properties and wear resistance
● excellent machinability
● good electrical insulating properties and favourable dielectric behaviour
KRÜGER blue®
PETPxxx-20 to 110 (160)

● high mechanical Strength, stiffness, hardness
● very high dimensional stability
● high impact strength
● low and constant sliding friction coefficient
● high wear resistance
● good electrical insulating properties
KRÜGER blue®
PExx-200 to 80 (120)

● chemical-resistant
● no water absorption
● cold-resistant
● high impact strength
● low friction coefficient
● low density
● good electrical insulating properties and favourable dielectric behaviour
● good abrasion resistance
KRÜGER blue®
Rhino Hyde®
PURxxx-30 to 80

● good abrasion resistance
● good traction
● high elasticity
● low temperature sensitivity
KRÜGER blue®
PEEKxxxto 250 (310)

● high mechanical strength, stiffness and creep resistance
● excellent chemical and hydrolysis resistance
● excellent wear resistance and good sliding properties
● very high dimensional stability
● inherent flame retardancy and very low smoke emission in case of fire
● good electrical insulating properties and favourable dielectric behaviour
● excellent resistance to high-energy radiation (gamma and X-rays)
exolon® made of MAKROLON®PC-FGxx-40 to 115
● impact resistant
● highly transparent
PLEXIGLAS®PMMAxxx-20 to 80
● highly transparent
● very good surface quality
● low weight
● easy to edit
PLEXIGLAS® = Registered brand of Evonik Röhm GmbH, DarmstadtMakrolon® is a registered trademark, owned and licensed by Covestro Group


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