Using plastic to fight corrosion – GRP material and constructions from ARTHUR KRÜGER

We supply you with certified GRP gratings, profiles, cover panels or complete GRP constructions and improve the cost-effectiveness of your installation!

Why GRP products and constructions?

The material GRP (glass fibre-reinforced plastic) is a composite material made from a matrix (resin) and reinforcement (glass). This yields a high degree of stability, extremely high dimensional stability and a low weight. As a result, this material offers numerous structural and physical advantages wherever conventional materials such as timber and steel reach the limits of their capacity. We are even now building bridges made entirely from plastic!

The materials we use have EBA approval, general technical approval from the DIBt and have been certified by Deutsche Bahn with the manufacturer product qualification DBS 918 010. This means we are certain that all construction-specific requirements can be met and that the constructions can also be used for the public domain.


Cost-effectiveness of GRP products and constructions

The resilience of glass fibre-reinforced plastic is significantly better than that of conventional materials that are used for the same areas of application. The resistance to corrosion, coupled with the excellent resistance to chemicals and UV, means significantly longer lifespans for semi-finished products and constructions.

GRP also beats conventional materials in terms of manufacturing and recycling. The energy consumption during production is significantly lower, and GRP is also 100% recyclable.

We offer a high availability of certified GRP materials and, with our construction specialists and installation teams, are perfectly poised to find and implement the right solution for your needs. Talk to us today!


Kundenservice Team