Using plastic to fight corrosion – GRP constructions from ARTHUR KRÜGER

We plan, build and create what you need! Whether you need bridges for hydraulic engineering, staircase towers or platforms for your installation, access ladders or track crossings in rail construction, embankment staircases or a new pedestrian bridge in your park!

We offer you long-lasting and safe solutions and offer you responsible advice through our expertise and a vast wealth of experience in the field of plastics. Over recent decades, we have built excellent product solutions for various systems operators using the composite material GRP.

We plan!

Our engineers measure up the installation site and draw up the plans using state-of-the-art CAD systems.

We design!

A 3D drawing shows how complex the detailed requirements of the application are, and forms the basis for our offer.

GFK Konstruktionen

We assemble in-house!

If the order is awarded, the components are pre-assembled in our GRP facility.

We install at your premises!

Our installation teams install at your premises. We will make any necessary adjustments straight away, allowing you to put your system into operation as quickly as possible.

As strong as steel, but much lighter! – Loads on GRP constructions

The major advantage of GRP is its significantly lower construction weight, allowing steel and timber constructions to be replaced and the cost-effectiveness significantly improved thanks to a longer service life and low maintenance requirements.

In our practical example, showing the Bornmühlenbach Bridge in Hamburg-Lohbrügge, you can see what can be achieved:


  • Bridge dimensions: Length 12 m, width 3 m

  • Construction: 1 field, entirely made from GRP (substructure and superstructure)

  • Load capacity: 5 kN/m²

  • Deflection test: L/300 for 2.5 kN/m2

  • Vehicle load-bearing capacity: up to 5.5 t (service vehicles)

  • Railing impact capacity (spar pressure): designed for 0.8 kN/m

Location: crossing the Bornmühlenbach stream in Hamburg-Lohbrügge and connecting the Lohbrügge grammar school with the Lohbrügge district school

Construction carried out by:

  • Pre-assembly in-house at our premises: 4 person days
  • Final assembly on site: 16 person days

Here you can see further practical examples of GRP constructions


Rail infrastructure

Hydraulic engineering


Systems engineering

The materials we use have EBA approval, general technical approval from the DIBt and have been certified by Deutsche Bahn with the manufacturer product qualification DBS 918 010. This means we are able to ensure that all construction-specific requirements can be met and that the constructions can also be used for the public domain.

We offer a high availability of certified GRP materials and, with our construction specialists and installation teams, are perfectly poised to find and implement the right solution for your needs. Talk to us today!


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