Using plastic to fight corrosion – GRP bridges from ARTHUR KRÜGER

Bornmühlenbach Bridge in Hamburg-Lohbrügge

12 x 3 m

1 field, entirely made from GRP

Wuhlepark, Municipality of Ahrensfelde

7 x 2 m

1 field, entirely made from GRP

Lenné Park, Municipality of Ahrensfelde

4,4 x 4 m

1 field, entirely made from GRP, erected in 6 hours without a crane

Groß Grönau, City of Lübeck

8 x 3,5 m

1 field, substructure: steel

Klütjenfelder cycle path bridge, HPA Hamburg

Length 230 m

Top layer renewal

The materials we use have EBA approval, general technical approval from the DIBt and have been certified by Deutsche Bahn with the manufacturer product qualification DBS 918 010. This means we are certain that all construction-specific requirements can be met and that the constructions can also be used for the public domain.



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