Your high demands are our challenge

Increase the efficiency of your bulk material system with plastic linings! We supply the bulk solids industry with semi-finished plastic products, whether you are using screw troughs, vibrators, chutes, chutes, dumpers or hoppers, with plastic linings you can achieve:

  • Longer service life due to abrasion-resistant surface (up to 20 times higher abrasion resistance compared to steel)
  • Better flow properties of the bulk material due to the flow-promoting surface of the plastic
  • Low maintenance and servicing costs
  • Low installation costs thanks to the easy processing of the plastic and its low weight
  • A healthy working environment thanks to noise-reducing properties

With high availability, fast delivery times, cutting service and top quality, we also ensure your success!



If you need to line or repair hard-to-reach areas – use Rhinox®. A highly abrasion-resistant, plastic lining and repair material that is applied like a paint and consists of 2 components (resin and hardener). This allows, for example, internal or external coatings on pipe bends or small repairs to chutes, channels, pipes or bends.

Extreme requirements

We also have the right solution for extreme requirements: Rhino Hyde®
With up to 20 times greater abrasion resistance than steel, Rhino Hyde® proves its worth wherever abrasive, aggressive bulk materials such as grain, glass, concrete or metal waste are transported. Rhino Hyde® goes hand in hand with good formability and a wide range of processing options – for your individual application.

Kunststoff für Auskleidungen

Simple customizing

Depending on the application, we offer you the most suitable plastic. The ease of processing also enables very effective pipe linings, for example. Materials with Foodgrade approval are available for contact with food (compliant with EU Directive 1935/2004 (10/2011), FDA and REACH).

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Plastics for linings

MarkenDIN BezeichnungTafelnRundstäbeRohreRolleTemperatur-
beständigkeit [°C]
() = kurze Belastung
KRÜGER blue®
PExx-200 bis 80 (120)
● chemikalienbeständig
● keine Wasseraufnahme
● kältebeständig
● hohe Schlagzähigkeit
● niedriger Reibungskoeffizient
● niedrige Dichte
● gute elektrische Isoliereigenschaften und günstiges dielektrisches Verhalten
● gute Abriebfestigkeit
KRÜGER blue®
Rhino Hyde®
PURxx-30 bis 120
● gute Abriebfestigkeit
● gute Zugfähigkeit
● hohe Elastizität
● geringe Temperaturempfindlichkeit